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Healing and Christian Science Practice

X-28 — Introduction to the Science of Christian Science (audiobook)
X-30 — All 3 Kappeler Audiobooks: X-27, 28, 29
The Spiritual Breakthrough to the Next Millennium
The Development of the Christian Science Idea and Practice
He Shall Never See Death (St. John 8:51)
Introduction to the Science of Christian Science
Metaphysics and Science in Christian Science
Scientific Obstetrics (S&H p. 463)
The Psychology of Spirit
Truth and Scientific Truth
B-3 — Christian Science Practice: Based on the Science of divine revelation
B Series — B-2 through B-6V: A Survey of the Science of Being and its Practical Implications
C-3+ Series — C-3 through C-7: The Science of Oneness and the Matrix in Science and Health
C-6 — Exercises in Culturing Consciousness According to the Matrix of Science and Health
D-1 — The 4 Levels of Science
D Series — D-1 through D-4: The 4 Levels of Science
M-2 — The Universal Life-principle
M-21 — The Impact of the Divine Idea on the World
M-35 — Healing in the 16 Chapters of the Christian Science Textbook
M-36 — Healing on the Levels of absolute Christian Science, divine Science, and Science itself
M-48 — Practice on the 4 Levels of Science
M-50 — Aim, Method, and Success of Healing
M-7 — Principle and Practice are One
M-8 — The Development of the Healing Practice
M-9 — Healing
X-13 — The Eight Ordered Steps to Finding our Oneness with Being
X-4 — Christian Science Practice: Chapter XII in Science & Health
El Desenvolvimiento de la Idea y de la Práctica de la Ciencia Cristiana