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By Subject – WORK

This section is designed to help you gain familiarity in particular subjects in Science.

Each category is listed in a loosely progressive order (study first, then second, etc.).

Do not feel you need to study every book or recording within each section—consider these recommendations a compass rather than a curriculum. Allow your selections to reflect your background, interests and goals in Science.

This list does not include ALL of Kappeler’s books and recordings. For more extensive lists by subject, click books by subject or recordings by subject.

If you have any questions about your study, please Contact KI USA.

The 4 Levels of Science

The 4-fold Operation of Being

The 7 Synonymous Terms for God

The Ascending and Descending Ways

The Bible in the Light of Science

The Christ-idea

Christian Science — Government and Ethics

Christian Science and World Issues

Christian Science as a Science

Divine Cybernetics

Handling Evil / Mortal Consciousness

Healing and Christian Science Practice

The History and Development of the Science of Christian Science

Introduction to the Divine System of Reference: The 7, the 4, and the 4


Metaphysics and Science

The Model of Being / The Laws of Being

Preparing Yourself to Study Science

The Structure of the Christian Science Textbook