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The Kappeler Institutes Worldwide

Max Kappeler set up independent Institutes in the USA, Germany, and Switzerland to help him with his teaching and publishing work. Currently, the USA and German institutes offer Kappeler’s works in the following languages:

  • Kappeler Institute for the Science of Being (KI USA) offers Kappeler’s works in English, with selected books in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Kappeler-Institut für die Wissenschaft des Seins (KI Europa) offers Kappeler’s works in German, with a small number of books in French.

The KI USA and KI Europa function as Information Centers. The Information Centers can:

  • Help you design an individualized study program
  • Answer questions regarding Kappeler’s work
  • Sell books and recordings
  • Send you a KI USA Introductory Packet
  • Put you on the KI USA mailing list

KI USA Information Center

Kappeler Institute for the Science of Being (USA)
Books, Recordings, and Information in English language
PO Box 99735
Seattle, WA 98139-0735

Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 11:00 am–4:00 pm PT (Pacific Time)
Tel: 206-286-1617
Fax: 206-286-1675
E-mail: Use our online Contact KI USA webform.

Officers of the KI USA

Founder: Max Kappeler (Switzerland) (1910–2002)
President: Joel Jessen
Vice-President & Secretary: Virginia Husted
Treasurer: Barbara Bruch

KI USA Staff

Manager and Editor:
Joel Jessen

Assistants to the Editor:
Barbara Bruch

KI EUROPA Information Center

Kappeler-Institut für die Wissenschaft des Seins (Deutschland)

Books, Recordings, and Information in German language
Grainauer Str. 19
D-10777 Berlin
Tel: 0049-30-4556063
Fax: 0049-30-4568146
E-mail: View the e-mail address (pdf) for Kappeler-Institut, Germany
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KI EUROPA Book and Recordings Agent
The following agent is authorized to distribute Kappeler’s German language works:

Doris Dettli, Book and Recordings Agent
Plattenstr. 15
CH-5015 Nd. Erlinsbach
Tel: 0041-62-8442451
Fax: 0041-62-8441011