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To Welcome the New Mutation of Consciousness

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To Welcome the New Mutation of Consciousness:

Understanding and Demonstrating Our Divine Origin

We are standing on the threshold of a new age.
Our questions should be:
How can we obtain a deeper insight into reality?
How can we understand and demonstrate our divine origin?
Our answer: By being rooted in the divine system of reference, with its divinely scientific laws and rules.

From the divine system of reference1, we see that the real man is without beginning or end. Man originates neither in a material birth nor in a mystical concept of God the creator, but rather in the divine system of reference itself.

“The time cometh when the spiritual origin of man,
the divine Science which ushered Jesus into
human presence, will be understood and
(S&H 325:26).

If we understand divine Science to be our spiritual origin, we draw our conclusions from the divine system of reference. Therefore, we cease to reason from mortal mind, matter, the corporeal senses, human theories, a mortal sense of existence, from error and imperfection. We reason in a quite different and new way from “Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love” (S&H 465:10).

The new pioneering spirit is always to be willing to take part in the spiritual revolution, and to welcome the mutation of consciousness which alone brings true spiritual progress.
Everyone who wishes to experience true spiritual progress must be “a pioneer of Truth.” This always involves total engagement. It is not enough to do just what benefits ourselves. The pioneer’s total engagement always blesses the whole. The spiritual pioneer of Truth is in every situation completely committed to the spiritual idea. Our first question is not: “What is there in this for
me?” but always: “What can I do for the idea?”*


1. Divine System of Reference:

1) The 7 synonymous terms for God—Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life,
Truth, Love—present the nature of Being.
2) The 4-fold operation of Being—Word, Christ, Christianity, Science—
shows the self-operation of Being.
3) The 4 levels of spiritual consciousness—Science itself, divine
Science, absolute Christian Science, Christian Science—show the
dimensions of spiritual consciousness thorough which Being
operates and presents itself in life-experience.

(Edited Excerpt from: Max Kappeler, Christian Science in the World of Today and Tomorrow, pp 21-23)

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