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Study Partners Program

The Study Partners Program is a service of the KI USA. It is a self-organizing, self-directing, voluntary association of individuals. Partners provide structure to support each other’s individual study in Science.

Individuals who are interested in finding a study partner are invited to add their name to our confidential (first names only) Study Partner List. When you place your name on our Study Partner List, you will receive the names of other students of Science who are interested in finding a study partner. Study partners may choose to study together, study the same material separately at their own pace, or may merely contact each other occasionally to discuss issues that come up during study. Contact options include meeting in-person, by phone, via email, or in a chat room.

Study partners do not provide “teaching instruction” or act as an authority in “answering questions” for new students. Max Kappeler emphasized that his course-work was designed to be a self-study, and asked his students to take their questions back to the divine categories of Science: the 7 synonymous terms for God (nature & essence of divine Principle, God) Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love; the 4-fold operation of God as Word, Christ, Christianity, Science); the four levels of Science and spiritual consciousness as Science itself, divine Science, absolute Christian Science, Christian Science.

Principle, God itself is our practitioner—it practices us. It is our understanding of the divine categories of Science that enables our thought to come into oneness with divine Principle, and to let the divinely cybernetic laws of Principle, God, live us. At this point the structure of reality and the structure of our consciousness ‘is’ one.

To place your name on our KI USA Study Partners List:

1) Please read the full text of the KI USA Study Partners Program.
2) Fill out the Study Partner Request Form, and return it to KI USA (via e-mail, fax, or mail).
3) Read and agree to abide by the KI USA Study Partners Policy.