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Activities at KI USA: A Spiritual Breakthrough

Dear Students,

Thanks to you, we have accomplished some amazing projects. Our operations, website and publications support you in your study. Last year we laid the foundation for furthering your self-study by bringing the quintessential Kappeler primer, From the Physical, Through the Mental, To the Spiritual to print-on-demand status and thereby gaining many new students. We are grateful for your support along the way.

Today, with over 49 publications in our database, 1500 hours of recorded classes, 17 newsletters, and a multitude of super-accessible study material on our website—all free of charge to you—we are prepared to do more.

That’s why we’ve been working hard to spread the word, prepare previously un-published Kappeler classes for publication, create study guides, add accessibility via the website, and send periodic Kappeler Teaching Moments—all for you, our beloved students.

As Max Kappeler said: Because we have been born into a time of great upheaval, the lot has fallen on us to take up the spiritual challenge of today, and to master it. The fact is that the same divine law which has unveiled today’s problems, gives us the strength and understanding to achieve the solution. The Science of being bestows on us a gift of being able to discern the spiritual steps demanded by the age, including within itself the solution to every problem facing mankind. We can accept the spiritual demand, through Science, to go forward, and thus avoid the way of suffering. (Edited excerpt from Max Kappeler, The Spiritual Breakthrough to the Next Millennium, pp. 6-7)

We want to continue to provide Max Kappeler’s work for you to study free of charge on our website, and to create new ways to bring Kappeler’s work to our community.

We have many other top-priority publishing projects in the works that will give you more tools to engage in study, to add impact and benefit to the world—one consciousness-changing moment at a time.

With your support, we can make Kappeler’s work available, on our website, to more people to share ‘freely’ now, and to preserve for future students. Will you join us?

With gratitude,

the Kappeler Institute Officers and Staff


Officers and Staff

Founder Max Kappeler (1910–2002) Switzerland – President  Joel Jessen/Seattle, WA – Vice President Virginia Husted/Florence, AZ – Secretary Virginia Husted/Florence, AZ – Treasurer Barbara Bruch/Seattle, WA – Assistant Editor & Marketing Jody Siqveland/Seattle, WA

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