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Moments: Eternal Truth is changing the universe

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“Eternal Truth is changing the universe”

Mrs. Eddy writes:
“Eternal Truth is changing the universe. As mortals drop off their mental swaddling-clothes, thought expands into expression. ‘Let there be light,’ is the perpetual demand of Truth and Love, changing chaos into order and discord into the music of the spheres” (S&H 255:1).
Today, what looks to us to be a global crisis is actually “eternal Truth … changing the universe,” with the divine goal of moving mankind from a material to a spiritual basis of consciousness.

Following is an edited excerpt from KI USA Newsletter #15:
The Global Crisis
A Teaching Moment from Max Kappeler
In a world facing extreme problems, mankind usually feels that the worst has “come upon me” (Job 3:25). What is our task? What is our responsibility in such a situation?
If we seek a common denominator for all of these unsolved problems, then perhaps we can reduce them to the fact that today’s world is interdependently one; the problems are interrelated, giving them a total global character.

What Causes a Crisis?
This global crisis is “God-impelled” insofar that it lies in the God-genesis where the divine idea of God has always pushed mankind forward in a teleological (goal¬ directed) process. This can be seen right from the beginning of biblical history (4000 B.C.):

The first 1000-year period in biblical history (4000-3000 B.C.) the awakening from ignorance (the mist of Eden), to following the light of the spiritual idea (Enoch walks with God).
The second 1000-year period (3000-2000 B.C.) the Noah story of turning away from material beliefs to build an “ark” of spiritual understanding.
The third 1000-year period (2000-1000 B.C.) Abraham, Moses and the journey from sense (Ur, Egypt) to Soul (Canaan, the Promised Land).
The fourth 1000-year period (1000 B.C.-1 A.D.) the Kingdom period and the prophetic age with the rejection of personal or material government, and the founding of true spiritual government based on Principle, God’s system of ideas.
The fifth 1000-year period (1-1000 A.D.) the life of Jesus, the apostles, Paul, and the spreading of Christianity with its laying down a material sense of life, and accepting the newness and fullness of Life in and of Spirit as a gift of grace.
The sixth 1000-year period (1000-2000 A.D.) the discovery of Christian Science, which brings the discovery of the divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love, and the rise of spiritually scientific consciousness, grounding mankind’s understanding of true being and manhood in scientific spiritual methods.
The seventh 1000-year period of today (2000-3000 A.D.) where we are being driven forward by the Christ-idea to accept the reign of divine Science (our spiritual origin), and the fulfillment of the Bible’s divine design for mankind.

Behind every 1000-year period is God’s plan of universal salvation, precipitating itself on mankind and impelling mankind to change, to transform, to mutate—to make a paradigm shift. Therefore, seen from the divine standpoint, the present global crisis is not man-made—it is God-impelled. It is the Christ-idea that is not allowing mankind to go on with its material ways as it has until now. God, Principle, is impelling us to accept a higher spiritual aim: to accept the all-embracing realm of the intelligent divine Principle, Love—the realm of universal, ever-present spiritual oneness and perfection.

Therefore, today, as we are being moved from the sixth to the seventh 1000-year period, we need to understand that God is pushing. It is not the government that is pushing, it is not the politicians who are pushing, it is not the finance advisors who are pushing, it is not the economy that is pushing, it is not the military leaders who are pushing, it is not the scientists who are pushing, it is not the churches that are pushing: God is pushing—“Eternal Truth is changing the universe.” God, Truth, has a divine, saving idea. It has a Christ-idea. It has a Christ of salvation. It wants us to change from a material to a spiritual basis, and be saved spiritually.
As we accept that there is only one Principle, God, the universal All-in-all, then we must also accept that the present crisis is something that is in line with the divine plan of Principle. Otherwise, we must accept that there are many gods, many principles, with the intent of doing good or evil. From this standpoint, it is no wonder that mankind feels doomed.

Man Does Not Know What Man Is or What Consciousness Is
The real problem is that man does not know what man is or what true spiritual consciousness is. Only with a consciousness based in the divine categories of God can we gain an understanding of what God is, what man is, and welcome God’s ultimate plan of universal salvation.

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