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Teaching Moments Collection

Dear friends,

Since we introduced our Kappeler Teaching Moments, the response has been truly wonderful!

We have been delighted with the excitement and interest generated by our efforts to bring you brief thoughtful excerpts from Max’s teachings.

In response to your interest we are now offering all the Teaching Moments, gathered together into a single printed packet.

We hope you will enjoy this new catalog and this new collection,
and we hope that it will add a thoughtful moment to your day.

Kappeler Institute for the Science of Being USA


Max Kappeler’s Teaching Moments


Teaching Moments
Teaching Moments Packet Cover

Special Offer!

Kappeler Teaching Moments Packet

You can now order all of the Kappeler Teaching Moments we have published to date, as a complete printed collection!

Purchase all 17 Teaching Moments, “Packet Ready”

Packet includes:

Eternal Truth is changing the universe
Thinking Outside the Box
Science is Revolutionary
Notes on Handling Evil
Immanuel: God with us
Our Divine Bill of Rights
The Pioneer of Truth is Blessed
A Universal Change of consciousness
Critical Point – The way of Science or suffering?
Love – Do we know what it is?
What is Man?
Divine Cybernetics
The Education of the Future
The Seven Synonymous Terms for God
The Science of Government
To Welcome the New Mutation of Consciousness

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Teaching Moments
Teaching Moments Catalog Cover

Kappeler Teaching Moments Catalog

Dear friends,

Welcome to the newest addition to our outreach:

We will regularly be adding new Teaching Moments to this catalog, with short, inspirational and thought-provoking discussions of topics concerning the spiritual challenges we are facing today. As we introduce a new Teaching Moment it will be featured on our website and in this catalog. Feel free to browse all KI USA Teaching Moments on our website.We hope you will enjoy this new catalog and that it will add a thoughtful moment to your day.