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Studying Kappeler’s Work on the Science of Christian Science

Kappeler’s Books

You can read Kappeler’s books FOR FREE online!

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A Note about Copyrights

Copyright law allows you to download and save Kappeler’s books to any electronic device you or your family uses. You are free to study and use these books, or print them for your own use.

To avoid copyright infringement, you will want to avoid “distributing” Kappeler’s books. Here are some tips:

    • When you share Kappeler’s books with others, please send them LINKS to the KI USA website. Please do not forward the actual pdf copies of Kappeler books (the files you have saved on your computer).
  • You are allowed to lend your printed copies of the books to friends and family, as long as this is done in a limited manner.

Feel free to to embed links to the KI USA website/Kappeler’s books in your blog, website, e-newsletters, or other communications.

Here is more information on Copyrights and Permissions. If you have any questions, please contact KI USA.