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A-6V — Syllabus V

MP3, 26 hrs, 1981, Elizabethtown, PA

Max Kappeler

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The structure of the Bible and Science and Health rests on three fundamental categories of divine Being. They are: (1) The 7 synonymous terms for God, (2) The 4-fold operation of God, (3) The 4 levels of Science. The first 2 categories were dealt with in Syllabus I–IV. The third category, the 4 levels of Science, is discussed in this class. These levels are: Science itself, divine Science, absolute Christian Science, and Christian Science. The 4 levels of Science are vital for understanding the oneness of Being, as they explain how the infinite One, through translation, operates as “the many” on different levels of conscious experience, yet still remains the infinite One.

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