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C-1 Series — C-1PR through C-1AP: The Structure of the Christian Science Textbook—Our Way of Life

MP3, 289 hrs (17 CDs), 1956–1982

Max Kappeler

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In these lectures, Kappeler shows the divinely scientific structure of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. Kappeler realized that to analyze the Textbook in its coherency, he could not focus on single words or sentences; a broader view was required. His method was to find the main subjects within each chapter, and then consider them in their ordered sequence. This method revealed that most of the main subjects within each of the 16 chapters follow the definite order of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle Life, Truth, Love—the order given in the definition of God (S&H 465:10). Then Kappeler discovered that the sequence of the chapters follow the definite order of Word, Christ, Christianity, Science—the order of the four sides of the Holy City, as envisioned in the book of Revelation. Using this method, the Textbook can be seen as one great systematic elaboration of the fundamentals of Christian Science.

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