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C-2 Series — C-2PR through C-2AN: The Christian Science Textbook: A workshop on text-interpretation

MP3, 102 hrs (7 CDs), 1983–86

Max Kappeler

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In the C-1 series of recordings, Max Kappeler introduces students to the divine structure of the Textbook. But…how did he arrive at his conclusions? In this C-2 series of talks, he outlines the exact method that enables any student of Science to get beyond personal interpretations of a revealed text and discover its divinely objective structure. Using the first five chapters of the Textbook as a working example, these classes teach the fundamental method of spiritually scientific text-interpretation: (1) How to discern the spiritual structure of the text, (2) How the Textbook presents it’s spiritual symphony, and how to distinguish the leading tones and elements within the symphony, (3) How to work with the spiritual structure to answer questions intrinsic to the subject, as well as practical implications for daily living. This program is for more advanced students of Science. An excellent understanding of the divine system of reference or completion of the Syllabus I–V program is recommended.

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