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D-4 — Divine Cybernetics and the Self-operating “Dimensional Laws” of the One Being, God

MP3, 24 hrs, 1971–72, New York, NY

Max Kappeler

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This class is revolutionary as it presents the “divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love” discovered by Mary Baker Eddy (S&H 107:2). The Model of Being is the framework in which these divine laws are explained. The subject dealt with is divine cybernetics—the divine laws of interdependence operating on the levels of divine Science, absolute Christian Science, and Christian Science. These divine laws form the essence of our everyday life experience. This class, along with E-1, can be considered Kappeler‘s highest teaching. It is recommended that students have completed the following prior to this course: (1) Book: The Four Levels of Spiritual Consciousness, (2) Recordings: D-1, The Four Levels of Science and (3) D-2, Divine Cybernetics: the proto-Science, the integral Science.

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