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F-1 — The Minor Prophets in the Light of Christian Science

MP3, 32 hrs, 1960, London, England

Max Kappeler

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In Science and Health we find “the Key to the Scriptures.” This key consists of the categories of Being: the 7 synonyms for God, the 4-fold operation of Being, and the 4 levels of Science. John W. Doorly showed how biblical symbolism can be interpreted with this key, thereby showing that one spiritual system underlies the Bible, Science and Health, and Being itself. Adhering to this spiritually scientific system, this class shows that the Prophets in the Bible—the twelve Minor Prophets and the four Major Prophets—announce the Christ-operation through a different divine aspect when considered in a 4×4 Christ-matrix. These 16 different aspects form a coherent, divinely structured spiritual message. Thus, within each prophetic book there is a spiritually ordered layout, which gives rise to timeless spiritual laws.

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