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F-2 — The Epistles in Light of Christian Science

MP3, 31 hrs, 1962, Los Angeles, CA

Max Kappeler

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Using the same spiritually scientific method of biblical text-interpretation as in the class on the Minor Prophets (see F-1), the spiritual laws underlying each Epistle are discerned. The Minor Prophets illustrate the Christ-matrix, whereas the Epistles give an example of the Christianity-matrix. The Epistles teach “Christianity” in its full sense as the reciprocal relationship of man to the grace of God (Word), the glory of Christ (Christ), the idea of man’s perfection (Christianity), and the Science of man (Science). Furthermore, they show the spiritual evolution that must take place in consciousness, bringing salvation through faith in grace. By accepting the new faith (Word), claiming it (Christ), steadfastly abiding in it (Christianity), and living it, we can prove the effectiveness of this new faith (Science).

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