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F-2A — The Epistles: The laws of scientific Christianity

MP3, 23 hrs, 1986, Cazenovia, NY

Max Kappeler

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Christianly scientific manhood can be demonstrated, not by starting with man, but by working from the category of the 4-fold operation of Being: Word, Christ, Christianity, and Science. In this context, we evolve our true manhood scientifically by relying on the workings of the Christ in all aspects of life. Each of the 16 Epistles presents a distinct standpoint within the 4 x 4 Christianity-matrix in the Bible. Reasoning deductively from this matrix, we understand and demonstrate our true being. The method of obtaining these structural findings is shown by using the text of the Epistles to explain the method of scientific text-interpretation. We can discern the spiritual structure and the laws constituting the spiritual message of the Christianity-matrix.

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