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G-5 — The World‘s Problems Today—and We?

MP3, 1.5 hrs , 1983, Elizabethtown, PA

Max Kappeler

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The present age faces multiple crises that threaten global survival. What is the solution? As Kappeler explains, the solution lies entirely with spiritual consciousness, with a scientific understanding of God. These crises arise from a materialistic consciousness that begins and ends with man—mortal manhood. More than 100 years ago, Mary Baker Eddy foresaw the current state of world affairs and gave the right analysis and solution at the end of S&H Chapter IV, Christian Science versus Spiritualism. Do we truly see the present crises as the result of Love’s purpose to annihilate all material beliefs and then usher in complete spiritualization? Peace and hope are at hand if we go the way of Science and, in doing so, work out individually the collective problem.

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