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JC-2SI — PART I: Science, Theology, Medicine

MP3, 23 hrs, 1988, Cazenovia, NY

Joel Jessen

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Chapter VI in Science and Health—Science, Theology, Medicine—was the last chapter of the Textbook that Mary Baker Eddy wrote, in 1891. In this chapter, she gives the scientific criteria for a new Science of all sciences. On the basis of our understanding and acceptance of this new scientific standpoint (Science), we will be able to progress in consciousness and experience the standpoint of the new theology and new medicine. Part I covers: how the place-value of Science, Theology, Medicine is important within the Textbook-matrix; the law of oneness (divine Science) underlying the chapter; the main theme of the chapter; the main tones of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle—the basis of the new Science; and an investigation of the law of translation and reformation.

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