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A Statement by John W. Doorly

BOOK, Booklet, 61 pages, published in 1981

John W. Doorly

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Every consecrated student of the Science of Christian Science must be aware of the evolution of the pure Science as it was discovered by John W. Doorly, CSB, after Mary Baker Eddy left us. This booklet presents the background that led to Doorly’s excommunication from The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist (Boston, MA). It was circulated in 1945 to every practitioner listed in the Christian Science Journal. It consists of: (1) An introduction to the situation. (2) Doorly’s understanding at that time of Mary Baker Eddy’s statement “Divine metaphysics is now reduced to a system” (S&H 146:31), which led him to ask: Is Christian Science both Christian and scientific? (3) Extracts from correspondence exchanged between Doorly and the Christian Science Board of Directors in Boston and the Ninth Church of Christ, Scientist, London. (4) The conclusion of the correspondence (which was sent out later), is also incorporated in this booklet. This document was designed to allow all Christian Scientists to consider the events that led up to Doorly’s excommunication, and to learn of his work in the pure Science of Christian Science.

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