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The Christ-idea

BOOK, Paperback, 31 pages, published in 2002

Max Kappeler

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In this book, Kappeler discusses how Mrs. Eddy depicts the Christ-idea—the self-operating, divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love—in the “Scientific Translation of Immortal Mind” (S&H 115:12–18) and the “Scientific Translation of Mortal Mind” (S&H 115:19–116:3). It is not we who must, or can, bring the right idea into expression—the Christ-idea works for us. Instead of personally trying to put the universe right, we look away from any human conception toward the immensity of the divine Mind, and accept that its omnipotence is working out everything for us and for the universe according to its divine plan. This will bring to light, even in human experience, the maximum of spiritual good.

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