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The Epistles in the Light of Christian Science

BOOK, Hardbound, 253 pages, published in 1962

Max Kappeler

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One of the essential premises for a scientific approach to God is that there are spiritual laws of being, and that these laws are structured and unfold to us in an ordered way. This book shows us that within each Epistle there is a spiritually ordered layout that defines spiritual laws. The Epistles define the Christianity-matrix. The Epistles teach Christianity in its full sense, namely, as the reciprocal relationship of man to the grace of God (Word), the glory of Christ (Christ), the idea of man’s perfection (Christianity), and the Science of man (Science). Furthermore, they bring out the great spiritual mutation that must take place in consciousness, bringing salvation through faith in grace and not only through “the works” of the Old Testament laws. This book elucidates the underlying eternal self-evolving laws of Principle, God. It is a clear and logical presentation of the laws that lie behind true Christianity, revealing the timeless availability and applicability of their messages.

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