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The Four Levels of Spiritual Consciousness

BOOK, Hardbound, 198 pages, published in 1970

Max Kappeler

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This book is an in-depth look at the Model of Being—the “Chart”—that shows the interrelationship between the 7 synonyms for God, the 4-fold operation of Being, and the 4 levels of spiritual consciousness (7+4+4 = the divine system of reference). With these 15 “root notions,” the dimensional range of spiritual Being can be symbolized and understood. Being can be understood only through dimensional logic, and learning to reason from each of the 4 levels of consciousness will clarify the apparent contradictions and paradoxes that arise in the study of the Bible and Science and Health. This book is one of Kappeler‘s foundational texts in the study of the Science of Christian Science, and should be undertaken after a good grounding in the tonality of the 7 synonyms.

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