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The Bible in the Light of Christian Science, Volume I: Genesis

BOOK, Paperback, 124 pages, published in 1982

Max Kappeler

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Over the centuries, the Bible has been studied bit by bit, but never as a coherent, structural whole. These bits have been interpreted from the standpoint of personal inspiration, beliefs, or theological dogma. In the late 1930s, John W. Doorly, CSB London,(1878–1950), Kappeler‘s teacher, laid the foundation for the discovery of the spiritual structure underlying the Bible through his deep study of the divine categories of God as presented in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Kappeler‘s series of four books on the Bible reveal the structure, symbolism, and Science of the Bible. Volume I: Genesis sets the seed plot for the entire Bible, based on the first record of creation, the second record of creation, and the seven 1000-year periods in biblical history. Genesis closes with the story of Joseph.

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