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When I Think of John W. Doorly II: Introduction to the Matrix Consciousness

BOOK, Paperback, 14 pages, published in 2002

Max Kappeler

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Max Kappeler‘s teacher, John W. Doorly, CSB (London), discovered the fundamental system of the Science contained within the Bible and Science and Health. This system consists of the 7 synonymous terms for God, the 4-fold operation of God, and the 4 levels of spiritual consciousness. In this book, Kappeler explains how Doorly showed the operational interrelationships between the 7 synonyms and the 4-fold operation, thus presenting the fundamental “fourfold divine calculus” inherent in Being in a matrix form. The word matrix is derived from Latin and is defined as “a place within which something originates, takes form, or develops.” (Webster’s Dictionary).

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