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Metaphysics and Science in Christian Science

BOOK, Booklet, 36 pages, published in 1985

Max Kappeler

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Divine metaphysics proceeds from a basis entirely separate from human thinking. The Textbook states that, whereas ordinary metaphysics is based on “a law of mortal mind” (S&H 154:4), “God is the Principle of divine metaphysics” (S&H 112:32, also 111:11). “Divine metaphysics…shows clearly that all is Mind, and that Mind is God” (S&H 275:20). Therefore, divine metaphysics alone can bring the solution to the human mind, removing the false effects by correcting the false cause. In the light of the Science of Christian Science, we see that: “Metaphysics [meaning the metaphysics of Christian Science] involves the contemplation of ideas, whereas Science involves the contemplation of the infinite One, forever including within itself its own ideas” (see John W. Doorly, Oxford Summer School Talks, 1949, Vol. II, p. 132).

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