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The Psychology of Spirit

BOOK, Booklet, 19 pages, published in 1981

Max Kappeler

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This booklet contrasts the psychology of Spirit, God (see S&H 369:25) with the psychology of human thinking. It uncovers the extent to which we let ourselves be influenced by the general mental atmosphere. The spiritual method of mental self-knowledge enables us to maintain a divinely correct concept of what constitutes our true self and our relationships. We learn to discover who we are as defined by God’s nature as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love (see S&H 465:10). We learn to stop regarding ourselves and our families according to our human nature as mortal mind (ignorance), good and evil, sin and egotism, personal sense and dishonesty, lack, sickness, fear, and hate. Ordinary psychology and psychotherapy work with material psychophysical (material-mental) means. Often “human conversation” stands in the center of treatment. This mental process is not the method of the psychology of Spirit. In addition, the paragraph “Anatomy defined” is analyzed (see 462:20–463:4).

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