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Stately Science Pauses Not (Mary Baker Eddy)

BOOK, Booklet, 49 pages, published in 1995

Max Kappeler

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This booklet explains that the impulsion of the divine idea has evolved scientifically. After Mary Baker Eddy left us, John W. Doorly, CSB, of London, England (1878–1950), was the first to pursue deeply the question of what Christian Science means as a Science. Dr. Max Kappeler of Z?rich, Switzerland (1910–2002), a pupil of John Doorly, expounded upon Doorly’s work and, among many discoveries, revealed the scientific structure of Science and Health. Both Doorly and Kappeler showed that Mary Baker Eddy must be acknowledged as a Scientist who was far in advance of her era. Mrs. Eddy’s concept of Science incorporated such advanced concepts as structuralism, dimensionalism, holism, one-valued logic, gestalt-theory, general systems theory, and divine cybernetics.

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