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Taking Responsibility for the Idea

BOOK, Booklet, 4 pages, published in 1993

Max Kappeler

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We may ask: Can the idea of Christian Science ever be lost? Kappeler answers this question with a “no and yes”! No, it cannot be lost from the standpoint of Principle, God. However, from the standpoint of the human mind this claim must be handled, or the idea could be lost to mortal mind—i.e. to mortals. This is what happened soon after the spread of Christianity, and it took hundreds of years for the idea of true Christianity to be rediscovered. Mary Baker Eddy, in her article “Principle and Practice,” declared: “Christian Science is not a faith-cure, and unless human faith be distinguished from scientific healing, Christian Science will again be lost from the practice of religion as it was soon after the period of our great Master?s scientific teaching and practice.” Our responsibility is to understand the Science of God, not just believe in it.

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