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KI USA Recordings – Introductory

Introductory Materials

To introduce yourself to Kappeler’s work on Science:

    1. Read Kappeler’s Introductory Packet below
    2. Browse our archived KI USA Newsletters
    3. Order our complimentary recordings (CD-mp3)
    4. Read: From the Physical, Through the Mental, To the Spiritual: A Manual for Studying the Works of Max Kappeler (Joel Jessen, editor)
    5. Consider ordering one or more of our specially-priced introductory recordings:
      A-1, An Introduction to the Science of Christian Science (Max Kappeler, 18 hours)
      J-6, The Science of Being—the emergence of a divine philosophy (Joel Jessen, 22 hours)
      J-10, The Eight Ordered Steps to Finding our Oneness with Being (Joel Jessen, 10 hours)

KI USA Introductory Packet

If you are new to the Science of Christian Science, the following introductory booklets will introduce you to Kappeler’s work.

If you would like a complimentary Intro Packet mailed to you, please use our Comment/Request Form.

To order an Intro Packet for a friend, please read our Gift Policy before ordering.

Introductory Booklets:

Why Study Christian Science as a Science? (Max Kappeler)

The Christian Science Textbook: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy—our way of life and our teacher (Max Kappeler)

Stately Science Pauses Not (Mary Baker Eddy) (Max Kappeler)

Christian Science in the World of Today and Tomorrow (Max Kappeler)

What is the Science of Being? (Max Kappeler)

The Necessary Change of Standpoint (Max Kappeler)

Kappeler Institute USA Catalog

The Seven Synonymous Terms for God Meet the World’s Need for a New System of Reference (Joel Jessen) (pdf, 109 KB) (This item is not included in mailed Intro Packet)